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Support Group


Having a mentor is having someone who believes in you and is willing to invest their life, lessons, and learnings with you.


Online Group Mentoring is your access point to get unstuck and to begin stepping into the greatness that you know awaits you. Within the group you will be able to have access the often elusive value of a mentor. With this free access point to a mentor you are able to learn and grow no matter where you are. 

How It Works

Monthly call where you are able to learn from Chris and ask questions in real time.

Sessions typically go 60 minutes, but will occasionally go longer, but no longer than 90 minutes.

Free service because you are worth investing in.

Sessions take place the first Wednesday of each month at 3:00pm CST.

Sessions are recorded and available on our YouTube page for on demand access.

Sessions give you access to a trusted mentor at no cost making growth accessible to everyone.


One to One Mentorship allows you exclusive access to Chris as your trusted mentor. With this you will be able to address specific areas of growth to you. 

How It Works

Mentorship typically takes place online but in certain circumstances in-person sessions can be arranged.

We ask that you prepare an agenda that is sent prior to the session in order to maximize your time and our team's.

We will send you a simple form for you to complete prior to beginning to help us have a better understanding of your needs.

Unlike Online Mentorship Groups, One to One Mentorship is not free. We will work with you to develop a package that works for you.


Greatness awaits. Learn how you can unlock the potential within.

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